Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I feel so lucky to have found two great estate sales last weekend that were virtually deserted so I had lots of time to nose around through all of the vintage finds! At the first one I found this great sewing basket with a few odds n ends inside,

a peach taffeta prom dress, some old kids records, kids school science book, a game, a cake decorator,

a doll's closet with two sliding doors and a drawer below, an old photo album with mat inserts, a hat box (from Capwell's!) with two vintage hats sill in their tissue packages, a blue tutu for my pal Carrie at Hip Chick,
an old toy cash register, a huge aluminum lazy susan with handles and a few bits of ephemera.
My second lucky stop was at a house that was built in 1816, and was the "country" home for the Weaver family from San Francisco. They were in real estate, as were the Bundy family who had a small house on the same property. I wish I had taken a picture of "the big house". It was a modest, two story house with fish scaled siding and was painted purple. Lots of arched windows with thick, white moulding surrounding them. My kind of house! There I picked up a huge vintage abacus, glass cake stands, a red & white quilt, some Victorian silver pieces (a bird-topped sugar bowl with 12 spoons, a bride "basket" and a huge silver handled tray), and a huge ceramic pitcher with roses on it. I didn't have room to store it all at home, so the second haul went straight into the shop, hence no photos of these lovelies! Guess you'll just have to come see them October 21 - 24th!

Friday, September 10, 2010


Been busy painting, hauling, arraigning and working the sale at Paris Flea Market, and getting ready for the sale at Room With A Past, so there's just enough time to blow you a kiss...

Talk soon!