Monday, November 22, 2010

Think Small

Talk about a Merry Little Christmas! I'm a big believer in small thinking. Take care of the small stuff and the big stuff will take care of itself. It's all in the details. Oh, and often it's much cheaper since less materials are used!!!

I had big fun making these miniature candy canes and popcorn garland from Divine Twine in Cherry and Lemon, and decorating a 4 inch vintage bottlebrush tree.

(Photo from

It was super simple. I love working with this twine--it's unlocked a new area of my brain full of ideas! You can go HERE to see the instructions for making these tiny non-caloric treats.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Tweet Little Yarn Bomb

(Photo from Divine Twine)

Have you heard of Yarnbombing, Knit Graffiti, and Guerrilla Knitting? Yarnbombing is a collective response to the urban and mass-produced. From light poles to buildings and everything in between, nothing is safe from being wrapped with yarn, string and twine!

I work for a very creative woman at Room With A Past and recently added a second creative woman as a client in my Personal Assistant venture when I started working for my friend, Whitney Beard, who has developed a business out of her desire for brightly colored, 100% cotton baker's twine. Now that I'm working at Divine Twine HQ, I've got my hands on her product and I couldn't wait to get my fingers into it too!

I'll leave the Yarnbombers to do what they do best while I, as the saying goes "not try to change the whole world, just my little piece of it". Here's just one of the ideas that popped into my head on how to craft with Divine Twine:
I wrapped a twig found on one of my daily walks with the new Brown Sugar twine, used the Green Apple for the leaves & stems and made roses from the Cotton Candy. It's all wrapped and glued on with plain old white glue, which the twine quickly soaks up, making the twine a breeze to work with!

The leaves are cardboard with a thin wire glued in the center, to hold a shapely bend. I lightly "serrated" the edges of the leaf before wrapping to give the twine a little guidance on where to go.
The roses just sort of appeared on their own as I wrapped the twine around a wire!

The little curly vines were made by wrapping the Divine Twine around a wood dowel, rubbed with wax paper for easy removal, spraying it with a stiffener (I had my Bedhead hairspray handy, so I used that!) and waiting, waiting, waiting ever so patiently to let it dry before I could pull it off and play with the "SPROING"!

I think I need to make a nest to put it in the crook of the twig for the birdie! She's got the newest addition of color to the Divine Twine family in her beak~PLUM!

Brown paper packages tied up with string, these (and more to come) are a few of my favorite things!

Monday, November 8, 2010

Too Early For Spring Thoughts?

More photos from the "Car Cam"! I hit a sale a few weeks ago being held by a woman with HUGE vintage love and SMALL house ownership. Lucky me!

I got quilts/chenille spreads in different sizes, embroidered shams, pillows, and other goodies. Some will be kept, others will be going into Room With A Past. My only question is....

Is it too early to sell these spring colors?!??! What do you think?