Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What The Heck, Valentine?

When professing your love, are you a bit tongue-tied? Is your stomach in knots?  You better get the words out there--it's almost Valentine's Day! How about you make a card that does the talking? Let's get started!

Divine Twine Bakers Twine (about 5 feet for each heart)
Cookie Cutter(s)
White glue
spray lacquer
push pins
cutting board/pin board
waxed paper
pre-made card/envelope
Lay waxed paper on board
Attach cookie cutter to board with pushpins
Wet twine with glue, and run through fingers to remove excess

Drop glued twine into cookie cutter, directing with dowel if needed. 
Continue to fill cookie cutter with glue-coated twine until about 1/4" thick. Try layering several colors together!

Lay waxed paper piece over completed twine heart, and squish down with finger, dowel or pencil end.
 Let heart shape dry completely. 
Remove from cookie cutter, and spray with lacquer to stiffen.
Assemble phrases composed in your word processing program, paper doilies, etc. and glue to card!

Pop in an envelope, seal it with a kiss and give to your Valentine!

For more nifty ideas on what you can do with any of the fabulous Whisker Graphics products check out the blog HERE!

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