Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What A Nut!

I know it's not "proper" to wear white after Labor Day, but what's the rule of thumb on flip flops? I am still wearing them as I decorate for fall! You may have seen my last post about the drool-worthy package I received from Whisker Graphics in the mail. Here's my October Design Team project I've made with its contents!


These Thanksgiving/ Halloween place cards can be whipped up pretty quickly! Just wrap the NEW solid Divine Twine around a DRIED acorn (don't use a green one or you'll be sorry!), adhering it with a tacky glue.

Then glue a twine "stem" (an 8" length of twine with a knot in the center) onto the acorn cap.

When all is dry, tie the stem through a couple of yummy confectionery colored tags (punch or decoratively cut the end of the tag for added whimsy!) and write or stamp your guest's name on the card.

Ready? Set.... fun eats!

I am linking to Make It Pretty Mondays at the Dedicated House!

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Divine Mail

Look what I got in the mail today! It's new product from Whisker Graphics!

Since I'm on the Design Team there, I often receive a box in the mail. It's like Christmas!
Look at these new twines! Did you ever have a telephone repairman (they were all men when I was little!) come to work on your street, you know when phones needed WIRES?!?!? After they left there were always small lengths of colorful wire left on the ground! (I still have some!) That's what these new, delicious Divine Twines remind me of! And look at the brand spankin' new SOLID twines!!!! I already have plans for them...

Tag--you're it! These TAGS are to dye (hee hee!) for! They are powdery soft, festive colors that I can't wait to craft into ..... something, I don't know what just yet! And the Bitty bags, oh the Bitty Bags, in all their glorious polka dotted-ness.

And so I can keep track of when I submit my monthly Design Team projects--a handy & fun desk calender! There are a couple of different styles you can order.

Come back next week to see what I make when I share my October project!

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