Monday, April 26, 2010

Do The Polka

With the opening of Paris Flea Market looming off in the not-so-distant future of two weeks time, we are dancing around each other trying to get things painted, primped, and making sure all of our polkas are dotted! I just finished this long cashier's station on wheels, but it still needs a new (& even longer) top and a logo adhered to the front. The table next to it needs more black paint, and there are lots more projects lined up down the hall and around the corner! Have you signed up to get the monthly announcements yet?

Sunday, April 25, 2010

High School Bites

Mt Diablo High School, in Concord, CA bites. And is it tasty?! This school has a culinary ROP program that not only benefits its students, but also the community, by serving delicious lunches!
I have driven past this sign for Serendipity Restaurant & Bakery on the school's campus (directly across form the Concord John Muir Hospital) many times on my way downtown, but today my friend Vicki and I stopped. They are open for lunch from 11:30-1:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, and offer special parties on Friday by arrangement.

The simple dining room has a seating capacity of 125. The tables are set with cloth tablecloths, napkins and festive decor which indicates the menu theme at the time. They change it up about every 4 months. It was a tropical island retreat when we there last Thursday.
Erika was our attentive waitress, answering our first-timer questions and sweetly checking on us, she easily became part of our dining experience versus detracting from it. Our lunch was delicious and was devoured before photos could be taken, but we were knocked back into consciousness when Erika wheeled the dessert cart to our table and we found ourselves faced with a mind-boggling decision of which treat to end our meal.

We both chose the lemon crème brûlée (paired with a macadamia-nut cookie), which was the best I've ever had. There was no sharing going on here--we each got our own!
We were checked out by Letty (left) and Jennifer (class of 1998) who let us know that next month the menu changes to Mexican food, which was a great way to guarantee that we'd be back!

Serendipity Restaurant
2611 East Street
Concord, CA

Monday, April 19, 2010

Dismal Clouds Doth Part, Part II

I couldn't let another day go by without sharing another gift I was lucky to receive last week from yet another talented friend, Carmen!

Isn't it pretty? Just something she "whipped together."

You know, just because she had some extra fabric left over from after she made an apron earlier that day. Are you kidding me? Do you know how long it would take for me to make this?!?!?!? It would take two hours of pinning and then I'd have to take a break to cry for another hour out of frustration, and then, well, I'd put it in the back of a dark closet and try to forget it ever happened.

And the cherry on top:

It's the Somerset Life issue I had just been drooling over earlier in the week at her house, plus a bookmark she also made!!!

Thanks Carmen. You brightened my day!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Port Costa Town-Wide Yard Sale

Town wide? Well, it only takes about 10 minutes to walk the entire span of the town, from stem to stern and another ten from port to starboard. That is, unless you are stopping to take photos of the the many reasons it is a town near and dear to my heart--the beauty:

The beast:

The buildings:

(oldest house in Port Costa)

The things that made it unique:

The family:

We were walking/running all over town to get from one sale to another. The oddest thing I saw for sale? A metal casket (it was rusty inside). The most wonderful thing I saw? An old yellow velvet, upholstered chair (bought it!). Want to see it? If I can bare to part with it, it will be HERE next month!

Either which way, it was a great day for a walk, right Dad?

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Monkey Around...

Look what came in the mail yesterday from my talented jewel of a friend, Lisa. Good timing, too. I've had a week of big frustrations and small disappointments!

And look at what she made! Love the wrapped beads, colors and the delicate tulle?

(Inscription: To you, Jan Happiness and Affection)

I love it! Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated! Thanks Lisa!

Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Northern Queens Road Trip

This unassuming little building in sleepy Nevada City, was the designation for the fulfillment of dreams. My friends Rosann and Sherrie invited me and Ruby to go to this little place of heaven on earth.
I can't even post all the fabulous pictures I took of all the wondrously beautiful things that Tina Basich carries in her shop, My Favorite Things, and how she decorates the entirety of it with afore mentioned things, because, my bloggy friend, you would faint dead away where you sit.
Think I'm kidding?!?!?!
You are feeling a little dizzy, aren't you? Ok, since I've got you hooked, just a few more photos:
Getting woozy yet?

After a shopping frenzy, we head out to the "Glitter Girl Studio" in back. It is aptly named as you simply cannot step in and then quickly step out without getting some glitter on yourself.
Luckily, we planned it so we had the entire day to stay and play!
For a mere FIVE DOLLARS and the cost of the supplies you use, you can spend the hours from sun-up to sun-down in the studio!

So we did. We brought lunch with us because we knew we would not want to leave. Seriously. Can't. Even. Stop. To. Pee.
Tina popped in on us every once in a while to see if we needed anything and to generously dispense lots of creative advice!
At the end of the day, we all had a finished project to take home, a post featured on Tina's Blog,

and a group photo of us with Tina (center)
(This is actually the next day when we went back for more shopping!)
to remind us of a fantastic creative time!
P.S. We adopted the name "Northern Queens" after we stayed HERE in a private chalet!