Sunday, May 16, 2010

Bargains Sought and Found

I found this framed print at an estate sale recently. It was the last one behind a ton of other framed stuff, and I fell in love at first site. It's by the artist E. Kruger (of which I can find very little information!), and is the second one I've acquired. After paying my $5.00 for it, I took it home, painted the frame white and hung it over the bed!

I've had this buffet for years. Bought it for myself for Mother's Day (true furniture junkie!) from a neighbor who had it just sitting in his carport. My recent find was the shelf/mirror with posts that now sits on top of it. Bought it 2 weeks ago at a garage sale from a man who was selling mostly tools. He priced it at ten dollars, I talked him down to $7.00!!

Love, love, love a beautiful bargain!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Bottled Up

I spotted this unassuming box at an estate sale recently. Loved the colors, love fruitcake too, so I picked it up.

I could tell there was something in it, so I opened it up and gasped.

Hand tatted lace! It's so beautiful. My grandma used to spend hours tatting. Then I noticed some of it was unfinished. Still attached to long lengths of the thread it was made from. It made me sad. On top of that, all of this beauty was tucked away in a box. Even sadder still.

That's better... I hope the patient artist who made the lace would have been happy.
(P.S. I gasped once more when I asked the price of the box: $2.00!)