Monday, May 10, 2010

Bottled Up

I spotted this unassuming box at an estate sale recently. Loved the colors, love fruitcake too, so I picked it up.

I could tell there was something in it, so I opened it up and gasped.

Hand tatted lace! It's so beautiful. My grandma used to spend hours tatting. Then I noticed some of it was unfinished. Still attached to long lengths of the thread it was made from. It made me sad. On top of that, all of this beauty was tucked away in a box. Even sadder still.

That's better... I hope the patient artist who made the lace would have been happy.
(P.S. I gasped once more when I asked the price of the box: $2.00!)


  1. What great treasures! What a great find hidden away in a special box. So cool.

  2. The box is beautiful. Finding something so cool inside is even more fun.., and what you did with the wonderful "find" is even greater..., and so you.

  3. Beautiful creations!

  4. What a great find, Jan! And I love what you did with it!