Sunday, October 17, 2010

Have A Shabby Shriek Halloween!

Hello everyone! Welcome to my fashion show. Every October at Room With A Past the "Roomies", of which I am one, get our hands busy making a decorated witch hat to wear to the Thursday evening opening. It's the latest fashion statement for those who like to stand apart in a crowd, snag low hanging chandeliers, and scare small children.

And now without further ado, I'd like to present to you this year's hat:

It stands 14 inches tall, and is comprised mainly of (non-flammable) black sateen polyester. The cone is stuffed with tissue paper to retain it's fashionably rigid shape.

Here we see a skeleton crew of pink tutu'd, pom-pom bandeau topped skinny minis and their black arachnids pets. Such little angels aren't they...?

They sweetly hold a banner while hovering over a lovely garden of pink cabbage roses and fresh, spring daisies, which are bordered by a few vintage floral hankies affixed to the wide, black hat brim.
Please notice how their pearly popping eyeballs perfectly accentuate the sparkly pink glitter in their tibia bone-length garments. Thank you ladies...
The tippy top is embellished with a single pink, black widow-infested daisy, atop a frothy pink tule boutonnière medallion.
And now turning your attention to the back of the hat, you can see how the entire base is wrapped and anchored with more sparkly, tule confection and the trademark pink with black polka dot ribbon gathered up in a bow.
This concludes this year's showing. Please remember to pick up your free anti-venom kits on the way out the door, and we hope you've enjoyed the show!