Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Two To Share

ONE: A crown for a man

When you turn 90, you should get something special, don't you agree?

My Dad is a huge pain in the patooty to buy gifts for. Not that he wants for much; some hankies or flannel pajamas are all he asks for.

I mean, he's 90--he already has everything! So hmmmm, what could I give him that he didn't already have?

So I made him a crown!
Happy Birthday Dad!

TWO: Soldered charms

This is the surface of my dining room table and is a great example of what you might end up with if you don't know what you're doing. Like looking down the business end of a soldering iron and not paying attention to what's underneath your (hot) work station.

After learning how to solder from Julee Herrmann, I tried my hand at soldered charms, and they turned out pretty good.

The metal buckle wouldn't accept the solder--bummer.

I made one that has a map of the street where I grew up! More charms in the works...stay tuned!

What are you working on? Please share! I hop you take time to create every day (or at least every week!)!

Monday, August 29, 2011

A King Among Men

Happy birthday to the smartest, most patient and honest man I know (sorry ladies, he's taken!). I love you Dad!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Let It Fly

I made these grungy pendants about two years ago.

The butterflies are paper copies that I reduced to 1" and hand colored, then poured a clear suspension solution to seal them in the tiny metal buckle.

Then I drilled holes in the corners to attach them to a chain.

Now that I know how to solder, I need to find out if the metal buckles will accept soldering and make some new ones with a high quality resin, this time!

What are you working on? Please share with a comment!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ What The World Needs Now

(Update: It SOLD!)

The theme at the shop this month is end-of-summer travels, suitcases, maps, globes & destinations. I was destined to find a huge vintage world atlas that had some beautiful end papers.

These endpapers were already art, I just added them to a canvas, and made the four letters of the word we all LOVE to hear from the index of worldly places in the back of the atlas. Then I washed the canvas with paint and added some green and gray highlights.

Here's the rest of what I've been working on; it's my spot at Room With A Past! I'm already for this week's opening.

There are still some cool, summery colors, but the darker tones are stepping quietly in, revealing that fall is just around the corner

What have you been working on? Please share!

Sunday, August 14, 2011

Putting A Furry Face To It

This is one of my beloved pesky cats--Rusty. See that little face? It greats me every morning. See those little ears? He hates to have them touched. See how he appreciates a sunny day? He goes all out. See that front right leg? He doesn't have it anymore.

A few days ago it was amputated because it contained a growth discovered to be spindle cell sarcoma (AKA: a spreading, deadly cancer.) "Oh my God!" you might be saying as read this. And I know it's perfectly normal for people to utter the words "I'm so sorry..." but so far there's no need to be sorry. He's doing really well.

In a few weeks, I plan on blogging about his progress. For those of you facing making the decision to remove your cat's leg in order to save his life, I hope it will be an personal look at what you can expect, and I hope it will be of help. For those of you that might find it disturbing, there's a button at the top of this page that says "Next Blog >>" -- you are welcome to push it!

Why did I elect for a Feline Limb Amputation? He has done so much for me and my family in the last 16 years that I would do anything in return for him. I believe that people with scars are infinitely more interesting than those without, and I'm sure I'll find it true, as well, of this beloved pesky feline.

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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Black & White & Read All Over

Is it wrong to love a paint? To love it's coverage, it's applicability, it's finish and the very molecules that make up it's color? If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right......

Ralph Lauren ebony paint; I can always count on you to transform the ugly

to beautiful (or at least livable).

And to the warmest white I have ever loved; you--Behr Ultra Paint & Primer In One--had me at the words "Cottage White". My stained oak bead board is no more.

New flooring, baseboards and sink tops still to come!

Here's what I've got on my workbench today: paper beads. I was searching online for something else when this idea popped into my head:

What are you working on? Please leave a comment and share it!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Before and Done For Now

Here's a quick round-up of what I've been working on lately.

Did you know there is a direct correlation between how much you paid for something and how much time/material expense you'll have to put into it? I can vouch. This here's a keeper, but man, it's gonna need some work. (That's stripes of hot glue you see on the first layer of fabric--discovered after ripping off the top layer of forest green floral fabric). These (there are two) were donated to the cause for sanity (mine) by Kacie B. which I appreciate SO much! When I used to work at a feline clinic, friends would drop off kittens. Now they drop off furniture!

Another pair of DARLING children's chairs from the 1960's. Got them for a song as they really need some sprucing up.

It's "TRAVEL" month at the shop this month, so off to Paris went this vintage train case. Not sure if it's finished. What else could I add to it?

And just for something fun, I tried making these paper feathers (shown back and front below). There's a cute 'tute at Todolwen - Old To New. I want to alter them some how or add text--still thinking on these.

What's on your craft table today? Leave a comment and let me know!