Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Black & White & Read All Over

Is it wrong to love a paint? To love it's coverage, it's applicability, it's finish and the very molecules that make up it's color? If loving you is wrong I don't want to be right......

Ralph Lauren ebony paint; I can always count on you to transform the ugly

to beautiful (or at least livable).

And to the warmest white I have ever loved; you--Behr Ultra Paint & Primer In One--had me at the words "Cottage White". My stained oak bead board is no more.

New flooring, baseboards and sink tops still to come!

Here's what I've got on my workbench today: paper beads. I was searching online for something else when this idea popped into my head:

What are you working on? Please leave a comment and share it!


  1. I'm working on signage for Edgar and Edgar! Can't post pics until after she unveils at her next show...but it is fabulous!!! 6'x10" LONG frame, vinyl lettering on the glass.

    And I too adore anything Ralph Lauren, especially his paint!!!