Monday, November 12, 2012

Miniature Bottle Brush Tree How To

Oh deer!

Does your dearest little deer need a festive tree? How about we make one (or a whole forest of 'em!) real quick? I made Whisker Graphics Divine Twine bottle brush trees for my Design Team project this month. Here's the "How To":

Start with a cardboard triangle. Mine was about 3" long on one side. I cut little notches along all the edges to keep the twine from slipping.

Then I cut a piece of 22 gauge wire about 8 " long.

I snuggled that wire right in the middle along one long edge of the cardboard and began wrapping the color of my choice twine (may I suggest, the new solid color twine also?) around and around and around (I easily used about 7' of twine) until...

it's about 1/4 inch thick. Then I folded the part of wire at the pointy-most end of the cardboard (aka the top of the tree) down along the outside edge to meet the other half of wire

and twist it on tightly.

With a utility knife (or a small, sharp scissors), I cut along the edge opposite of the wire. 

until the entire length was cut, and opened the twines. Using pliers on each end of the wire, I began twisting

and twisting, and twisting....

until the twines looked nice and full. Then I cut the ends evenly to get a neat little cone shape!

Next, I cut a 2" Styrofoam ball in half, then sliced off an additional 1/4" section from the flat end, yielding a small "hill" and a flat "disc".

Using the "hill" , I poked the end of the tree's wire into its center so my fluffy tree could be moved without being handled and the twine flattened. 

Grab your stiffest, most stickiest hair spray that you would usually use on your bouffant hair-do (my beauty secret is revealed!), and douse that tree like no body's business.

Quickly add glitter while the tree is still wet. Now using the "hill" as a stand, set the tree upright and let it dry.

If you desire to make a little scene with your tree under glass, (and who wouldn't!!) assemble the items you'll need like a glass jar & lid, or a dish and a stemless wineglass, little Christmas village people or some deer.

Paint the disc with craft paint, coat with tacky glue and add more glitter. Adhere the disc to your jar lid or dish with tacky glue. Snip the remaining wire off the Divine Twine bottle brush tree to about 1/4' and add a dot of glue, then push into the disc. Glue your glittery branches or tinsel trim in the same way. Glue the dome to the saucer with epoxy glue.

Talk about a Merry "Little" Christmas!!!
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