Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ What The World Needs Now

(Update: It SOLD!)

The theme at the shop this month is end-of-summer travels, suitcases, maps, globes & destinations. I was destined to find a huge vintage world atlas that had some beautiful end papers.

These endpapers were already art, I just added them to a canvas, and made the four letters of the word we all LOVE to hear from the index of worldly places in the back of the atlas. Then I washed the canvas with paint and added some green and gray highlights.

Here's the rest of what I've been working on; it's my spot at Room With A Past! I'm already for this week's opening.

There are still some cool, summery colors, but the darker tones are stepping quietly in, revealing that fall is just around the corner

What have you been working on? Please share!


  1. I LOVE it! I always love the way you incorporate music in your artistic endeavors!!! You are truly talented... Angie Usher...

  2. Where are the monkeys? I don't see any monkeys. I know you must buy them but you never sell them. I know you have a stash of them somewhere in your house.... saving them for the return of the apes... Ha, ha!

    No one knows what I'm talking about do they?

  3. followed you here from her
    Your kitty is an inspiration...we who love our animals...will do all we can to keep them happy and well...
    I lived in a pink stucco house all my growing up years, until I got one had color in the 50's and 60's...I guess myparents were ahead of their time
    I love your home..
    and I think I will like watching you work on items....shows passion

    now, about those monkeys...??