Monday, April 26, 2010

Do The Polka

With the opening of Paris Flea Market looming off in the not-so-distant future of two weeks time, we are dancing around each other trying to get things painted, primped, and making sure all of our polkas are dotted! I just finished this long cashier's station on wheels, but it still needs a new (& even longer) top and a logo adhered to the front. The table next to it needs more black paint, and there are lots more projects lined up down the hall and around the corner! Have you signed up to get the monthly announcements yet?


  1. WILD!! I love this. Can I send you my old dresser and would you paint it some outragious color for my bedroom. I guess It would be easier if I did it myself..,here.
    I will post photos of it and you can give me some advice.

  2. Are you seeing spots?! lol Love the new banner!

  3. LOVE the new banner and music!