Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Northern Queens Road Trip

This unassuming little building in sleepy Nevada City, was the designation for the fulfillment of dreams. My friends Rosann and Sherrie invited me and Ruby to go to this little place of heaven on earth.
I can't even post all the fabulous pictures I took of all the wondrously beautiful things that Tina Basich carries in her shop, My Favorite Things, and how she decorates the entirety of it with afore mentioned things, because, my bloggy friend, you would faint dead away where you sit.
Think I'm kidding?!?!?!
You are feeling a little dizzy, aren't you? Ok, since I've got you hooked, just a few more photos:
Getting woozy yet?

After a shopping frenzy, we head out to the "Glitter Girl Studio" in back. It is aptly named as you simply cannot step in and then quickly step out without getting some glitter on yourself.
Luckily, we planned it so we had the entire day to stay and play!
For a mere FIVE DOLLARS and the cost of the supplies you use, you can spend the hours from sun-up to sun-down in the studio!

So we did. We brought lunch with us because we knew we would not want to leave. Seriously. Can't. Even. Stop. To. Pee.
Tina popped in on us every once in a while to see if we needed anything and to generously dispense lots of creative advice!
At the end of the day, we all had a finished project to take home, a post featured on Tina's Blog,

and a group photo of us with Tina (center)
(This is actually the next day when we went back for more shopping!)
to remind us of a fantastic creative time!
P.S. We adopted the name "Northern Queens" after we stayed HERE in a private chalet!

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  1. I have not been to Nevada City in years and I'm closer that you are. This all looks like so much fun.
    My Favorite Things looks like MY kind of store.
    The Glitter Girl Studio is a wonderful idea. What fun you must have had.
    Private chalet?