Sunday, April 25, 2010

High School Bites

Mt Diablo High School, in Concord, CA bites. And is it tasty?! This school has a culinary ROP program that not only benefits its students, but also the community, by serving delicious lunches!
I have driven past this sign for Serendipity Restaurant & Bakery on the school's campus (directly across form the Concord John Muir Hospital) many times on my way downtown, but today my friend Vicki and I stopped. They are open for lunch from 11:30-1:00 Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursdays, and offer special parties on Friday by arrangement.

The simple dining room has a seating capacity of 125. The tables are set with cloth tablecloths, napkins and festive decor which indicates the menu theme at the time. They change it up about every 4 months. It was a tropical island retreat when we there last Thursday.
Erika was our attentive waitress, answering our first-timer questions and sweetly checking on us, she easily became part of our dining experience versus detracting from it. Our lunch was delicious and was devoured before photos could be taken, but we were knocked back into consciousness when Erika wheeled the dessert cart to our table and we found ourselves faced with a mind-boggling decision of which treat to end our meal.

We both chose the lemon crème brûlée (paired with a macadamia-nut cookie), which was the best I've ever had. There was no sharing going on here--we each got our own!
We were checked out by Letty (left) and Jennifer (class of 1998) who let us know that next month the menu changes to Mexican food, which was a great way to guarantee that we'd be back!

Serendipity Restaurant
2611 East Street
Concord, CA


  1. How nice! I've always heard great things about the program. We'll go for Mexican next month!

  2. I've been to a culinary vacational dining room once, and loved it! These are great for giving students access to careers that would otherwise be difficult to grow into.

    The idea of themes are great. It would definitely bring me back again!