Thursday, April 15, 2010

Let's Monkey Around...

Look what came in the mail yesterday from my talented jewel of a friend, Lisa. Good timing, too. I've had a week of big frustrations and small disappointments!

And look at what she made! Love the wrapped beads, colors and the delicate tulle?

(Inscription: To you, Jan Happiness and Affection)

I love it! Your thoughtfulness is much appreciated! Thanks Lisa!


  1. What a fun gift to come in the mail! Isnt it wonderful how special things like that can come just at the right time.

    I hope it lifted your spirits. :)

  2. How sweet! Surprises are always delightful! ♥

  3. how fun.looks like you both are lucky to have each other as friends!!

  4. I forgot that Sis was sending you the monkey too. I'm sure that he was bonded and record checked before he was allowed to ride with the beautiful necklace.
    I'm glad it came at the right time. It's always so nice to get something when you least suspect it or when you need it most.
    You deserve it. Keep those spirits up, my friend.