Tuesday, October 16, 2012

What A Nut!

I know it's not "proper" to wear white after Labor Day, but what's the rule of thumb on flip flops? I am still wearing them as I decorate for fall! You may have seen my last post about the drool-worthy package I received from Whisker Graphics in the mail. Here's my October Design Team project I've made with its contents!


These Thanksgiving/ Halloween place cards can be whipped up pretty quickly! Just wrap the NEW solid Divine Twine around a DRIED acorn (don't use a green one or you'll be sorry!), adhering it with a tacky glue.

Then glue a twine "stem" (an 8" length of twine with a knot in the center) onto the acorn cap.

When all is dry, tie the stem through a couple of yummy confectionery colored tags (punch or decoratively cut the end of the tag for added whimsy!) and write or stamp your guest's name on the card.

Ready? Set.... fun eats!

I am linking to Make It Pretty Mondays at the Dedicated House!

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  1. What a very cool idea. Wish I was having Thanksgiving Dinner. I would do this. It's just perfect for Fall.
    Maybe I can have a Christmas Dinner here and do this with different colors... but you will probably come up with some other amazing decor idea that I will want to use instead.
    You're so clever...

  2. Just be sure that no monkeys are involved.

  3. These are super pretty. Oh, and Happy Birthday!!!

  4. I love the wonderful bright colored string acorns!