Sunday, March 1, 2009

Gray Days At The Pink House..

are cheerfully brightened up by confused yellow flowers in my yard. But with beauty comes pain. See that photo on the bottom left of the collage? I didn't forget to rotate it--the heads of my daffs are being pummeled with rain here in Northern California today, and they are just too tired from trying to figure out if it's Winter or Spring to take it anymore! We do need this rain, so I must say I'm sorry to my standard-sized and miniature little babies. But their beauty has not gone unnoticed--I enjoy them every day, but more so on these gray and wet ones.


  1. Your house is beautiful!! Some day I'm going to have to stop by and visit.
    The dafodils are lovely too. They will weigh down with the rain but, when the sun shines, they will wave at everyone again. It's so cool that you can admire them even when it's raining. Spring, here in California, is so unpredictable. Flowers know this. They just wait it out with their little heads lowered.

  2. The front of your house is so cottag-y! I love the lattice, flowers and especially the wrought-iron at the 'peak' of the front porch!

    I celebrated the rainy day by buying some bright red geraniums to plant the first chance I get this week!

    Hope you had a great weekend!