Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Past Due Tuesday ~ Homer Laughlin Pink Rose

I've had this set of china for about 10 years. I collected it piece by piece until I had a service for 8.
I think this pattern was made in the 1940's, and it's hard to get right now!

I use it every Easter for the family get together, and although I still love the pattern of the single pink rose and wide pink band,

I'm thinking of moving on with something different, cuz it's just "not me" any more, you know what I mean? Maybe it's time for someone else to love it?
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  1. Oh move on, it's so timeless? Love the pink & silver bet it sets a gorgeous spring table, but i know what you mean! I found a blog where people table scape and have a room in their homes of nothing but china, silverware, linens & table top decor ~ I would love to but I think I'll wait till the kids are out of the house! Have a lovely Past Due Tuesday!
    p.s. this would have been a great pink saturday post LOL :)

  2. Sometimes you just need a change. Find someone who really like the set and give it to them....,or, take it to that wonderful once a month store on 3rd Ave. in Walnut Creek and sell the set. Someone will snap it up.

    Does this mean that there will be no more pink houses either?

  3. What a beautiful set, and you took the time to collect it! Pack it away if you get something different, because you'll probably wish you had kept it years from now.
    It's lovely. Thanks for posting about it.

  4. I agree..this is a beautiful set and I like the way you reserve it for Easter. I can't imagine passing it on after collecting pieces for so long! What would you like to collect now?