Friday, January 15, 2010

It's Time For You To "C"

See this bare wall? It's in a room that has become my CRAFT ROOM!!!! If I could figure out a way to surround those golden words with hearts, flowers, rainbows and a few musical notes, I would, because every time I go in here I am instantly uplifted.

Oprah says your house should "rise up to meet you" when you come home. The only thing that rises up to meet me when I open my front door lately is the smell of wet dog, but whenever I go into this room, it's all good.
I've had some of the furniture for this anticipated room for, literally, years. The desk top is an old door I got at one of Wendy Addison's yard sales. I topped it with Plexiglas and put trim on the front edge. The two end cabinets were cherry wood entertainment end units (Craigslist Benicia $60). The white drawer units were from a vanity I took apart (free!) and painted. The chair was $5.00 at a Crockett yard sale (yet to be covered).
I primed and painted the cherry wood units, then papered the backs with sheet music. They are now filled with some of my favorite things that some of my favorite people have given me, and cool ephemera.

The "inspiration board" is an old crib mattress support.

So here it is today:

You can click on the photos to make them bigger. Can you see the cute crochet coffee cup and cupcake pin cushions on the center of my desktop? They were made by Bekah. She makes the cutest things! Check out her Amigurumi posts and her online shop! The silhouettes on the wall are of me and my husband! I found them recently in a cedar trunk I was cleaning out. The dusty chandeliers (there are six of them!) hung from the redwood beam ceiling are my "ladies in waiting". They are waiting for me to decide if I want to keep or sell them. BTW--I think dust is the "new white", and I'm just waiting for it to catch on in the decorating world.

Here's what they look like from the floor when I am doing my morning stretches:
That's my parent's wedding picture up there under the smoke detector. It's a 3' x 5' poster from their 60th Anniversary party us "kids" threw for them a few years ago.

You can see the growth chart on the inside plane of the door. This was my son's room for the last 18 years before it recently became community property again! See those gold feathers on the right?
They're from my curtains on the other side of the room:
Behind those curtain are hundreds of plastic shoe boxes, cigar boxes, suitcases and shelves that hold my supplies.
And here's my faithful pal Maybelle. She looks over my shoulder while I'm working away. She doesn't talk much, and she's a good listener.
I hope you enjoyed my tour! I hope to soon share some of the projects I've made so far in my CRAFT ROOM. I'm still getting used to saying that!!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! It's beautiful!!! What a wonderful spot to create in. Thanks for giving us the tour!

  2. What a lovely workspace! Thanks so much for sharing it!

  3. WOW, your Craft Room is SPECTACULAR!

  4. Beautiful JOB! You are one lucky girl to have your very own CRAFT ROOM!

  5. I love Love LOVE it!!! Sooo jealous! ;)

  6. Yay! You get a craft room! It is turning out sooooo very lovely! What great treasures you found too. You are so inspiring.

    Thanks for mentioning me. I'm glad you like the pin cushions. :)

  7. Jan, thank you for sharing your transformation, it looks like an amazing space to 'create'. I love that you are always creating something beautiful!!
    love hip chick