Thursday, December 3, 2009

You Can Come In, But You Can't Sit Down

Ho hum. Flat is bland. Flat is dull. Flat is boring (just look at my bust line!).
My remedy for boring is "to fluff". Fluff is eye-catching. Fluff is details. Fluff is interesting. So I fluffed a door at the shop.
We had a flat boring door at the end of a hallway which Susan wanted to jazz up a little. So I gave it a little depth with paint.

Then we wanted to shine a little light on the subject, so I painted a chandelier.

Never one to stop fluffing if no one's around to stop me, I painted a floor on the door to match
the floor at the other end of the hall. (You can see part of that boring door at the end of the hall in this photo).
Now it looks like we're getting somewhere. But I'm getting a little tired of sitting on my folded legs.
It's time to take a seat in this private little alcove

admire the newly polished marbled floor and wonder what else I can fluff?
(Wish I could fluff my bust line this easily!)


  1. Good Lord Jan there is nothing you can't do!! How did you do it?? Stencil or freehand....I am hugely impressed and continue to be impressed with your artistic skills!!!

  2. Oh my goodness! Your talent is amazing!!! Love your "fluffing" and can't wait to see it in person this month at the shop!

  3. WOW gf!! How cute is that... You've done it again... you are soooo danged talented!

  4. How cute! You are amazing! Visit me soon! I just posted something fun!

  5. I made a pattern, transferred it onto the door and painted it all on! It was a blast! Thanks for your kind comments!

  6. I Love it!!
    Will you come do my house next;)
    Take Care,
    Tracy M.

  7. Wow! That is amazing!