Friday, February 26, 2010

Picture Album - Shopping Trip 2/16/2010

The first time I went to central Louisiana about 15 years ago, I thought I had landed in heaven. Through the window in the tiny little prop plane, it looked like I was about to touch down in a lush, green, tree-filled National Forest. It was, however July, and when I stepped out of the puddle jumper into the humid air, I thought maybe it was more like HELL. My sister set me straight when she laid down the law; "You can say "It's so HOT" three times; after that you get sent home!" But in the spring, it's delightful.

This is the (huge) home across the Bayou Robert from my sister's house. It was moved there from another town.
This is the highway that you travel on and see more beautiful houses like this:
(You can click on the images to make them larger)
Hard Times at the Inglewood Plantation just down the road. Other nearby Plantations include The Kent House, Loyd Hall, Tyrone Plantation, and Rosalie Plantation.

This is the Benett House that was also moved here (from nearby Bunkie. I photo-shopped this house and used it on my banner above!)
Another view of it.

This is Matt's Cabin; a 1900's sharecropper's cabin (located on the Inglewood Plantation land) that has a fully equipped kitchen and a cozy fireplace. There are two guest rooms with private baths. It used to be available to rent but I think some lucky soul is living in it right now. I want to retire here or perhaps here:

The Schoolhouse is situated beneath sprawling live oak trees, this pre-Civil War schoolhouse can accommodate up to four guests and features a spacious living room with a fireplace, kitchenette, and a full private bath.

Whoa, stop the car! Let's start our shopping trip right here in the beautiful neighborhood of the "Garden District" because this one's for sale!!!! $329,500! Even has an elevator!
More gems in the Garden District await...
around every corner...
but it's stuff we can buy that will fit in a suitcase that I'm in pursuit of, so let's go antiquing!!! Off to Glenmora, south of Alexandria, to a few places we've never checked out before and our first stop is the Glenmora Flea Market in the 1200 block of 7th Ave.

Here's my niece Becky, and my sister Madonna looking for treasure inside:
Great bedroom set:
Isn't this bed wonderful? It'll fit in my suitcase. Just have to find a bigger suitcase is all!
And can you see the price of it?!?!?!? Next time I am renting a shipping container before I go! Killed me to leave it behind!
On to Miss Ann Flea Market down the road in the 1100 block.
The friendly Miss Ann greets us near her Valentine's Day display, front and center as you enter.
Hi Miss Ann!
This was a huge building with lots to offer, all displayed so nicely.

Love this hutch!

I bought the pink vintage millinery flower on this shelf:
Loved this yellow table from the 1950's. When's the last time you saw a complete set like it here in northern California? In the 1950's maybe?!?!?
Growing hungry, we three gals head back north to Alexandria and stop in at Chili's for lunch. Then head up to the town of Ball for more shopping.
All I can say about this shop is not good...
and my mother taught me that if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all (insert crickets chirping here).
But if it'll save you all some hard earned money you might have paid for a trip just to come here, then I guess it's really valuable for you to know that this place can best be descibed like this: a bunch of blind folks went to a really good flea market, somehow managed to buy a bunch of great stuff, which they must have kept for themselves, and threw everything else into their booths here. My sister twisted her foot at some point along the line, and had to wait in the car. If there's a good time to twist a foot it was here.
At the end of the day I was happy with what I ended up with:

an embroidered dresser scarf, pink flower, milk glass hand and a chandelier crystal I needed for an upcoming project.
As the sun sets on another day, we put up our feet in front of HGTV and a fire (thanks, Albert!)

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  1. Wow! What amazing shops and places you got to see! I am with you, humidity is horrible. I am so glad you had a good time. :)

  2. I want that bedframe for $85.00 let's go on a road trip Jan. Fun post of the New Orleans scenery and shops!