Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Tying It All Together

Father's Day (or any reason to celebrate) in my family is all about us getting together.

To marvel at how old the "kids" are getting (while at the same time, us adults never seem to!).

And when you've got a family like mine, it's about remembering how we grew up, the silly things our parents said, and talking about plans for the future.

And when you've got a father who is a rock-hound, it's about making a cake that fits his personality.

And making a gift that does too!

I made these bookmarks from an old necktie that belonged to my grandfather (that's him in the photo on the left).

Happy Fathers Day, Dad!


  1. Dear Jan,
    This is so sweet. The photos are wonderful. I haven't seen your Mom in so long and yet I remember her. Your father looks so happy and you all look like you're having a really good time.
    Is that your son sitting next to you?
    Love that cake!! Happy father's day to your dad and your hubby.

  2. The tie picture didn't come up until I went back to look at the photos again.
    You are so talented. What a nice tribute to you dad, and grandpa.
    It's hard to believe that our dads lived and grew up in the same town like we did. There's something cool about that. Wish I had been a little younger and had known you. We probably would have been good little monkey friends back then.

  3. It looks like you had a great father's day. :) Thanks for sharing the photos.

    I love your new blog banner. I finally found a great spot for the bird cage I won at your shop. I'm using it for a side table. It's nice to finally have a place for it. :) A photo is on my blog.