Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Workbench Wednesday ~ Silly Goose

What's on your workbench/dining-craft table/sewing surface today? Please comment/blog/share it!

I had this goose out in my garden for years. Recently she was treated to a make-over. I didn't question the need inside of me to paint her blue, make her a crown and set her adrift on her pond cloud.

Work in progress; stay tuned!


  1. You need to join "Get er done" Fridays so we can see the finished projects.
    Love the goose. Your need to embellish anything that's not tied down is because you're an artist. It's in your blood. The goose seems very happy about the whole thing.

  2. Such an elegant goose! I love her little crown. But you tease with the next photos ;) I wonder what will come from this silhouette....?