Thursday, April 5, 2012

It's A Grey Area

I've been discovered, exposed, ratted out. I am so ashamed to admit that all this time I've been lying to anyone who's read my blog. I tried to keep it hidden so deep that even I forgot about it for a while, until it was brought into the light yesterday: my grey little secret.

While searching in the depths of the paint storage cabinets for some paint to touch up my living room walls, I saw it.

The original (still viable?) remaining can of Montgomery Wards exterior paint. It was buried away for over 20 years (yes I'll admit it's been a long time since the outside has been spruced up) that was used on my "Pink" House.


It's GREY! And not just any Grey--it's the spelling of "grey" that I often use and my computer thinks is always spelled incorrectly! My God what have I done?!?!? I've led you all (and myself!) astray in thinking I lived in a sweet little pink house.

What's in a name? That which we call a pink by any other name would look as sweet. It still looks pink to me!


  1. Its okay! I still love ya! :)

  2. not fair...after I confessed to you that I actually did grow up in a pink house..and now to have you outed....grey house indeed
    Montgomery Wards!...oh need to clean out that storage or grey
    hee heeeeee

    1. Who among us REALLY knows what color house we live in unless you've seen the can?

    2. What is this problem about the GREY (it can be spelled either way.) and pink? Your house looks pink to me... always will.
      It's pink in spirit.
      The bike is pink... and your wonderful frame of mind.
      You're in the Pink sweetie. Don't worry about it.
      Cute cup and saucer... looks familiar.
      (Can't believe that paint lasted so long.)

  3. Maybe grey is the new pink, and your just ahead of the curve....;)