Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Lazy Days Daisy Chain

Remember the summer days of your youth? Sitting in the cool grass under the shade of a big tree sharing a picnic lunch? After a bit you'd notice the tiny daisies growing about the same height as the grass and start gathering them to link together in a chain to wear around your head!

Here's a grown-up version with a playful nod to those days! Grab your Divine Twine and get ready to re-live your daisy-chain memories! Use any color you desire--maybe you'd rather be rolling in green clovers or violets?

You'll need a wire-bending jig (mine is a Fiskars brand), twine in color of choice, and some tacky glue to start. Dip a 12" strand of twine in the glue and squeeze out the excess between your pinched fingers. Lay the twine in the jig, following the pattern, push down on the twine anywhere it crosses itself and let dry (takes about 1/2 hour). Remove from the jig and trim off any excess dried glue, or roll the now-stiff twine between your fingers to sort of squish it back onto the twine.

I glued small shank-back buttons to the centers, and then used jump rings to connect the daisies together. Tie a ribbon on each end daisy, and let your picnic in the grass begin!

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  1. wow! Awesome! What a great idea!

  2. This is a wonderful idea. I love the look of it. These will sell. They're are very pretty. Do you have more than one of these "jigs"? This might take a while with one jig, but then I'm kind of attention deficit.

  3. That is sooooo cool, Jan!!! I want to make one now! Where do you get a jig? And the pattern? And the twine?? Help!!!!

    1. Thanks MJ! My jig was a gift from my mom years ago, but they might have them at your local craft store! If not try Fiskars online? The jigs come with patterns. Follow the link in my post to purchase the Divine Twine from my pal Whitney at Whisker Graphics! And I wanna see what you make!!!!

    2. Thanks for the info, Jan!