Thursday, September 13, 2012

Fall In Love With Paper Leaves

Are you ready for some fall color but the leaves on the trees are still green? With some help from the printed craft paper and a few colorful Middy Bitty Bags made by Whisker Graphics you can have a whole pile of leaves! Here's how I made this DIY paper leaf garland:


Middy Bitty bags (I used 11 bags total for a garland four feet long)
Fun shaping scissors
Tag board for template
Length of ribbon for base
glue gun

I made a couple of different leaf shapes drawn on tag board to use as a template. Trace the leaf shape on to desired patterned bags and cut out. Pinking shears or shaping scissors add another dimension to the leaves.

Fold some of the leaves you cut out to add fullness to your garland. Begin hot gluing onto a sturdy ribbon, positioning the leaves at different angles as you add them.

Make your garland as long as you want! I left a bit of ribbon exposed at each end so if I want, I can conceal a pushpin through it for hanging!

I may cut out some more to glue all over the top of some big pumpkins! Now make like a crafter and LEAVE!