Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Get Organized Card Holder

What's your New Year's resolution? Drink more wine? Eat more chocolate? Spend more time having mind numbing fun? What's wrong with throwing some of those in there as you go about your life, I say? You could resolve to drink more wine, eat more sweets, have fun and get organized! And you could start the process with this project:

Greeting Card Organizer


14 Larger Bitty Bags (1 for each month, 1 each for the cover & back)
12 Itty Bitty bags
12 tags
1 Middy Bitty bag (print title on and glue onto cover)
12 Sweet Stickies (Scrolly shape)
Divine Twine for spine
hole punch

You've got lots of loving friends and family (if not you may want to add "Get loving friends and family" to your resolution list!) that you send a birthday, anniversary, missing you cards to throughout the year, right? Putting those cards all in one place at the beginning of the year as you log important dates from your old calender to your new one, will assure they receive them all on time! I made this booklet with 14 Larger Bitty Bags (1 for each month and 2 for the front and back covers). I punch holes along the closed side of each bag and looped Divine Twine,  loosely tied,  through the holes. Then I ran a Middy Bitty Bag (cut the mitered flap off first)  through my printer for the title page and glued it on the top bag, making it the cover. Inside this Middy Bag I store my favorite writing pens and stamps!

Then on each "page" of the booklet, I glued a Little Bitty Bag, and popped a Colored Tag inside. On each tag, I listed the person and date corresponding with the card I would be mailing, and slipped the card inside the "page"! On the top of the Bitty Bag, I stuck a  Sweet Sticky printed with the name of each month.

Now all my ducks are in a row and I will surely stay in the good graces of my loving friends and family. So go get your wine & chocolate and get started on yours!

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