Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Easter Egging You On!

Need a special Easter Egg Treat Box for the Easter Bunny to hide? I've got an idea for you, using Whisker Graphics Divine Twine!   Let's get crackin'!


Divine Twine (I used pink)
Plastic Egg
White glue
Decoupage Medium
Tag board base
Hot glue
Small flowers/leaves

Start with some plastic eggs--the kind that snap together. These are left over one from when my son was little (he's now 22! Yes, I never throw anything away!)

Get your glue on there anyway you like--a brush, your fingers, the tail of the cat who always comes around when you need some crafting time alone, whatever.  Start at the edge first, wrap your twine on 'round that egg, keeping the strands close together.

and we're wrapping...........................

When you've got both sides completely wrapped with twine, let the egg halves dry and then coat them with a decoupage medium just to make sure they stay put! Then while the egg is still wet, sprinkle on some glitter. I used clear glitter so I got a sugary effect. 

Next, use a store bought tag board shape or punch/cut your own. Hot glue it on to the bottom of your egg box. 

 Use hot glue to attach leaves, flowers, stems, little chicks--what ever your heart desires!

Fill it with treats, coupons, or tiny trinkets and make sure to leave it where the big-eared, fluffy guy can find it, so he can carry out his job of hiding it!

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  2. Eggcellent egg Jan and HAPPY EASTER!!!!