Thursday, November 8, 2007

The Walls Have Ears...

…and eyes and mouths and all the other prominent features that run in my family. Not that we’re a family known for running our mouths (or runny noses for that matter).

My bedspring gallery is up on the wall (leave it to a family gathering to motivate you to get things off the floor and somewhat completed) and off to a good start. My mother and future sister in law were looking it over, pointing and grinning, so I take that as a good sign that this project is headed in the right direction. I have an old magnifying glass attached so every small grin, wink, and twinkle in their eyes can be seen on the smaller photos. I need to find some more vintage office clamps and hooks, because I have more beautiful photos and other family ephemera to put up.

Eventually those small frames (I found them at a garage sale for pennies!) will have pictures of people I know in them. The ones on the bottom row currently have great “masterpieces” in them. This guy (labeled The Jester) is going to be replaced first—he looks like Jeff Beck! And while I do like a few of his songs, I’d rather let my own family members serenade me with their ode to the past, and the future enjoyment I’ll have seeing them on my wall.

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