Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Little Gray Houses

Being born 3 days before Halloween, you can bet your waxed lips that as a kid, I had the best birthday parties on the block. Everyone would come in costume, and we'd ooh and ahh over the finer details of each as we played games, and stuck our fingers into bowls of eyeballs, brains and guts, thanks to my mom.

So it's no wonder that Halloween has always been a fun time of year for me. I do a little decorating, have my family over for a spaghetti feed, dress up in costume, and hand out candy. This year, after painting the entire exterior of my house (yes, I really do live in that little house) a dull gray, I used a translucent fiber cloth and gutter mesh to cover the windows. There are only a few beat-up shingles left on the roof, as the moss has overtaken the high peaks as well as the yard. The trees have dried and blackened, and the condition of the fence is horrible, as you can see. I'm getting estimates on having those missing boards replaced.

But, it's warm and cozy inside, and there's always room for those I love, who love my spaghetti. The pumpkin has been carved and set outside the battered door. Its glow signals the trick-or-treaters that we still have some candy and time left before we blow out the candle on another Halloween. Hope you and your family have a happy Halloween.

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  1. A another local gal!!! And you own a shop!!! And you have crowns! I like it here!!!