Monday, December 10, 2007

Lucky Little Me!

Look at this darling "Little Purse" designed by Pam at and made & sent to me by Elizabeth over at! I love, love, love it!
Her kind-hearted idea for this give-away was to help the winner cross a name off their holiday shopping list, but look at am I supposed to give it away? I mean, don't I deserve a little something? Doesn't everyone? Don't YOU?
Well, you can have one too, if you feel deserving of all this cuteness, because she sells them here: I'll be pulling out my wallet quite a bit in the next two weeks. And now, I'll be pulling it out of something that makes me smile!


  1. Ohhh yeah, you won!!! Elizabeth makes some pretty darn cute stuff!

  2. soooo cute! yes, you deserve it. and if you don't want it, i'll take it. just don't make anything out of my mullet photo besides a Christmas card :)