Thursday, August 28, 2008

Vintage Thingies Thursday

Have you ever seen that video by Blind Melon? The one where the little Bee Girl has a hard time fitting in? Seems no one really "gets" her. They can't understand why she has an innate desire to just be what and who she is. I used to feel like that Bee Girl sometimes until a few years ago when I met a group of women who really "get me".

And the good news is that I keep meeting more and more of them! In fact, there's a whole group of them over at Confessions of An Apron Queen

They love the vintage,
pretty and
the silly stuff too.

Your average, unassuming little shiny box:

packed with a tiny little surprise

that made me catch my breath....

Go find your people, Bee who you are and Bee happy!


  1. I absolutely adore the little playing card set. What I cool find.

    And I understand about what you mean when you say you've found a group of women who get you. I can't imagine life without the web.

  2. Isn't it wonderful when you find a group of women that share the same interests and like you for who you are?

    Love all the great vintage things. Now I wish I had bought one of your packages of vintage papers and ephemera.
    Oh well, next time.

  3. OH YEAH...I get you lol!!! Isn't it great to be part of VTT where we all GET each other!!! Love all your vintage thingies....especially those cards...super cute!! xx

  4. Your photos of vintage thingies are great.

  5. Come by and take a peek at what I have a 'brewin' over at my place!

  6. Those miniature cards are so cool. Wow!