Thursday, May 21, 2009

Last week I got this cute package in the mail from one of my new blog buddies, Christine over at The Tin Can Cottage. I managed to take this photo before I torn it open! She had posted a giveaway for lurkers who read her blog but never comment. Sometimes you need chocolate, sometimes you need solitude, and sometimes you need a friend, but sometimes you just NEED to know WHO is out there reading your blog!!! I get that. So I left a comment, introduced myself, and the next thing I know, here comes this package with a beautiful poem about friendship, and two colorful lumps of tissue. Inside the tissue are these darling dollies that she made (who are completely oblivious to the fact that their hair needs some deep conditioning and a comb-through), flowers in hand, wearing little calico dresses with their aprons tied 'round their waists, ready to get to get down to the task of spreading smiles.
I barely had time to read the wording on their little pedestals (it says "blogger gal") and--yes, I'll admit it--peek under their dresses before they did just that!

Last time I saw them they were headed hand in pipe-cleaner hand inside the Little Pink House to spread some more cheer (and hopefully do the dishes--it's a mess in there!)


  1. What a nice little surprise!

  2. what a wonderful blogger friend!!
    they are too cute.what a nice surprise for you.

  3. Your so very welcome, I loved making them. I think I loved reading your post more though, you made the dolls come to life! It's funny you mentioned lifting the dresses...I'm bad, but at one point I painted a couple extra dots...on a couple of the dolls, and then thought, that's too silly...and painted the flesh tone over:D. I'm so bad!;0Glad you didn't get one of those:D Anyway, have fun with them, maybe you can even pass one on to another friend if you like:D Enjoy!

  4. How sweet! Those are adorable!