Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Mary, Queen of Lots!

I made this crown a few weeks ago for my future sister-in-law's (the wedding's coming up soon!) birthday. It's soft, yet strong and lots of fun, just like HER! Can't wrong with gold, silver and fluff, I say!

Ain't she a DOLL? She's the little sister I never had, but somehow she's now just as OLD as me!


  1. What a fun Birthday Crown and my mom would say "Queen for the day!" What a fun and special sister-in-law you will be! :)

  2. Jan,
    What a beautiful crown you made for Mary. I also love the crown you made me for my 50th awhile back..but we don't need to mention how old I am now. As long as I keep thinking I'm 22 years old I keep moving like a tank.

    Hope to see you soon,
    Hugs ~ Rosann

  3. That is just beautiful! What a lucky "sister-in-law to be" she is.
    So..., do I get one of these on my 65th in December or do I get a stuffed monkey?

  4. Wow Jan, that's such a cool crown!
    Awesome creative!!!!
    everything vintage