Monday, June 29, 2009

Mural, Mural On the Wall...

I've written here about one of my very talented friends, Rosann, before. Let me share what she just finished. She did this mural as a birthday gift for our friend, Sherrie on a blank wall under her staircase, and has been kind enough to walk us through it! So please, take it away, Rosann!!!

Well, you could say this mural was a labor of love....but really it was so much fun and I love to paint!
A friend of mine & Jan's, Sherrie, had her 55th birthday last August, and I wanted to do something really special. And as Jan can tell you Sherrie is a little sweetie...and creative too. Sherrie had seen some of the hand painting I have done at my house and wanted to pay me to do a mural.So I gave her a ROZ ( that's me) Gift Certificate for her birthday to paint the mural...all she needed was to buy paint.
(You can click on the photos to see more details!)
Sherrie showed me some photos of what she wanted. I drew up a drawing to show her & her husband, Jim. Then it was time to get started. First I projected the drawing on to the wall and got the lines roughed in. Started with painting the stonework to match up to the fireplace wall in the living room (see the last picture.). Next the archway. That was a lot of fun making it look 3-D, like you were really look through to the arch.

(I love the way the light falls on the bottom bricks--it looks so REAL-Jan)

The Bougainvillea was a challenge....getting the color right. Sherrie found a photo of the perfect color Bougainvillea then it fell into place.

The sky, and landscape was next and went smoothly. I had a lot of fun with the color of the the door and windows?

Last, the little fountain.....the hardest thing about that was trying to get it to scale and the placement of it. Once that was set it was time to break out the tiny brushes...and a real steady hand!

Happy Birthday Sherrie!!


  1. Hi Jan :D, What a lovely gift to your friend! I didn't know how talented you were. It really turned out beautiful!
    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Oops, you must not have read my post correctly--my friend Rosann did it, not me!


  3. Hi Jan,
    Thank you for posting the mural I did for Sherrie on your blog. So...have a wall for me to paint at your house? Since your B-Day is coming up it will give you sometime to think about what you might like and where.
    Hugs ~ Rosann

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  5. Rosann, this is beautiful! What a wonderful gift to give your friend.

  6. Let me write this again! lol It is BEAUTIFUL! And Rosann did a fabulous job! She is a wonderful artist!

  7. Woops...Thats what I get for taking my glasses off :D Anyway, what a nice gesture of friendship by your friend Roseann to have given her artist talents in a Mural You have Great friends and Happy Birthday to your friend Sherrie! She is lucky to have you both!:D

    Have a Happy Day Filled with Sunshine and Smiles! Thanx for coming by to see me...I'll be back to my blog soon with the Big Reveal!:D stay tuned! Christine

  8. I absolutely love this mural done by Rosann! :)

  9. That's gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by my blog...yours is lovely! Have a happy 4th!