Sunday, June 7, 2009

Passed Down

Do you ever get creative & feasible ideas that magically POP into your head causing a euphoric synergy? Where do those ideas come from? Personally, I do believe some of them are heaven-sent but most of them must be formulated by what's already in your brain. And so how does what's in your brain get there? Your parents must have a huge part in it. I got lucky with mine. Yes, I got my dad's hay fever and hairy arms, but I think I may have received something else too. Here's what my talented father has been working on:

He has been into rocks and gems for a very long time, and I think everything he's listed in his Etsy shop at Macgems ( displays his expertise as well as his talent. He facets gemstones such as colored quartz, laser ruby, tourmaline, amethyst, citrine, CZ and many others. He's also an expert at cutting & polishing opals and making them into pendants. PLUS most of the settings they are mounted in are square wire wrapped designs of his own making!

As a retired architectural engineer in his eighties, it's the perfect hobby for someone who thrives on perfect precision.

And Mom, (a retired RN with a masters, who in her 80's is earning a doctorate in Psychology) calls me "the clever one"?


  1. Beautiful jewelry!! I'm definitely going to check his Etsy shop out. I got hairy arms from both my parents.LOL!

  2. You ARE talented and "clever". I guess this little acorn (with hairy arms?) didn't fall far from the tree.
    I had no idea your dad was so talented. These necklaces are gorgeous!

  3. I love my amethyst necklace! :)