Thursday, July 16, 2009

VTT ~ Crying Over Spilled (And Shattered) Milk Bottles

When I was little and growing up in Pleasant Hill, CA, we used to buy our milk at the DuMor Drive-Through Milk Depot. See all those glass bottles stacked in the metal crates behind these attractive folks?
Recently I bought this book, which has lots of photos that stirred up a bunch of memories for me! When I was 10 years old, I dropped a full bottle of milk, then slipped and landed palms-down in the shattered glass, and got about 5 stitches in each hand.

(Images of America "Pleasant Hill" by Adam P. Nilsen)
About a month ago, I found one of those bottles at a sale! (They are really heavy when full of my lemon aide, no wonder I dropped it!)

It even has the cap! I remember when our phone number used to be MU2-8044! (I'm really not that OLD, I just have a good pre-birth memory)

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  1. What a great jug...that pic with the lemonade in it made my mouth water, it looks so refreshing. What a great find and I would love to have one like that to use!

    Have a great VTT!

  2. Those bottles would be hard to handle even for an adult! I remember having milk in glass bottles delivered, but I don't think we ever got the large size.

  3. Awesome that it's from your dairy!

    I forgot to comment last week on your laundry room cover-up - great idea!

  4. Neat that you found a book about your milk delivery dairy...neater still that you found a milk bottle with cap!

    I remember before we had dial phones and I'm not that old...we just lived in a rural area!

  5. Nice JUG!!! ;) enjoyed your post today!

  6. I've never heard of a drive-through milk depot! We had ours delivered, and I sure wish I knew the name of the dairy that brought us our milk, so that I could find a bottle with it's name. Love your bottle, and you're so lucky that you have the cap to it also!

  7. I have that same book. What a great find! :)

  8. That was a great find..however, I did cringe when I read how you cut your hands. I can't imagine how that must have, you be careful of this hear?? :)
    Happy VTT and I hope you have a lovely weekend.

  9. i love those old milk bottles, they sure are hard to come by though :)

  10. How cool that you found a milk bottle from the same company that you bought milk from! I can remember having milk delivered to our house, but my memory only goes back to cartons, not bottles.

  11. Hubby and I have some of the skinnier milk bottles too. His dad used to collect all kinds of milk memorabilia. He had butter churns, clear and brown milk bottles, and little cow creamers. thanks for the walk down memory lane. :)


  12. Too funny - pre-birth memory! My 10 years younger sister used to say, "I was there too. I was peeking out Mommy's belly button!"

    Love the book you found and the pics are fab!

  13. Oh Jan! As you may imagine these days have been full of reminiscings. But reading your post this morning made me smile.We used to get our milk delivered to the front porch at Rose Lane.I can almost remember the sound of the bottles as they clunked around in the metal basket. And then you talked about your old phone number.Oh My God! We were MU too and it flashed before that the MU stood for Mulberry. Wow, blast from the past. Thank you, Love Lisa

  14. Lisa emailed me to see if I had read your blog. I went right in and took a look.
    Oh, the memories. Pleasant Hill was a great place to grow up. I use to think that it wasn't but now I realize how lucky we were. Life was good and we lived a childhood that was happy and safe. I remember DuMore milk. I remember having milk delivered to our door..., and I remember our phone number. It was MU6-1954; same as our address.
    Thanks for some wonderful memories.

  15. What a lovely blog, I enjoyed my visit.
    I too can remember getting milk in glass bottles and so much nicer than plastic or cardboard.

    Have a great week