Monday, March 8, 2010

Picture Album ~ New Orleans

So off we headed to New Orleans for the last leg of our trip. We were lucky in that my brother-in-law, Albert and sister Donna, decided to go with us! We were unlucky in that my sister injured her foot at the last minute and couldn't go. She tried to hide the tears at first. Then we both let it all out as we said good-bye.

We were soon on the road with Albert driving. We were so thankful for that. Not only did we not have to rent a car, but he knew all the highways that would get us there. We passed lots of tiny little towns and one had a Piggly Wiggly!

Four hours later we made it into New Orleans. It was the day after the big Mardi Gras festivities there, so there were beads in the gutters. We drove through the city to our hotel, taking in the sights (and smells!).

After checking in, we walked the streets and acted like tourists; poking our heads into the stores, looking for souvenirs,

(yes, they're real!)

listening to the music,

gawking at the residences and the ironwork,

Marveling the architecture,

and photographing Little Pink Houses!

Here's the church through the street.

And in all it's glory...

Hey look guys, it's the world famous Cafe Du Monde!!! (Huh)?

Albert's daddy used to work here!

Typical tourists!

And this is were my vacation ended, really. We all went back to the hotel to rest before dinner, and I felt sick (I think those beignets were just too rich for me!), so ended up going to bed. Rick and Albert headed out and had a great dinner. The next morning, we slipped a "thank you" note under Albert's door, and flew out at 6 AM, and back to our own bed in the Little Pink House.

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  1. I'm so sorry for your sister. What a thing to happen.
    New Orleans is so different and cool. I have always wanted to see it. I love all the houses and the iron balconies.
    Can't wait to hear all about it the next time I see you.