Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Windows Are The Eyes To The Soul

When I was little I loved to walk at night and look in the windows of the houses as I passed by. (Technically, it's not peeping if you're 20 feet away and you keep moving!) The sun was just setting and the lights inside were just turning on with a warm glow. I still like to do that just to see the way the occupants have decorated inside, and to imagine what view of life they see from the inside! Is that why I love old windows? Can you imagine what views these old windows might have seen?

This long old window was a gift from the creek behind my house--it washed ashore during one of last winters downpours! I don't see it as trash, I see it as so many possibilities!

They help make a house a home. And with all the memories they harbor, they don't deserve to be tossed away! I hand paint the silhouette in reverse, and back it with specialty paper or fabric, sometimes.
I paint custom designs in them, too. This was a custom window for my friend, Janelle, done in her bedroom colors:

Here's one I made for last month's sale at the shop:
Do you have an idea for a "new view" you'd like to see on your wall? Maybe you'll be hanging one in your house like this one that BekahJan bought a few months ago, to add personality (and a change of scenery!) to her new home.


  1. your cleverness and creativity never cease to amaze me.....

  2. I just love, love, LOVE your windows! What an awesome thing to wash up on shore. I love it! It reminds me of what I put above my couch.

    I have an old window from my parents, but not sure quite what I am going to do with it.

  3. Your creations are beautiful! I love the Christmas window with the sheet music, how inventive!

  4. Jan, You never cease to amaze me. I didn't know you did that window with the bunny on it. I saw it in the store.
    Please email me and let me know what you charge for these windows. I love them, especially the Christmas one.