Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Workbench Wednesday

Here's a roundup of what's on my craft room table today. Ideas in every stage of the project. Some will be finished at some point, others, sadly, well it's all part of the process!

This is my completed soldering project from the workbench at Hip Chick Designs! Owner Carrie Clayden hosted the class taught by the ever camera-ready Julee Herrmann last Saturday! Soldering is something I have wanted to learn for YEARS and now I know how!

What are YOU working on? Please share!


  1. Yours turned out soooooo pretty! So fun we got to learn together! :)

  2. Beautiful! Sis would love this class. She always wants to do some soldering.
    I love the frame. Nice job for a beginner. It's so pretty.