Thursday, July 21, 2011

Workbench Wednesday (on Thursday!)

I've been busy or maybe I've been lazy--I'm not telling. Either way, I wanted to get these pictures up pronto before I take this latest completed project of three into the shop for the start of the July opening tonight!

I've never really been "into" fairies. But I do love miniatures, old photos, photo-shopping and dioramas. So I added some glittered butterfly wings to this unknown relative (cousin Lynn--can you help me out here???), put her into a pre-plastic planted jar and before I knew it--Bob's your uncle (or maybe more like Grandma's your fairy!).

(You can click on each photo to view it larger)

I have heard that you're not supposed to keep a fairy in a jar for very long, but um, her petite little feet are really glued down in there. But there is a little bit of glitter and a few pearls keep her company and the tulle on top ensures airflow. Tell her your deepest secrects and set her free. Or keep her around--she's a pretty good listener!

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