Monday, October 10, 2011

Apple Crisp Day

Every morning I go out in the backyard, sit on the porch swing while I wake up and then pick up all of these little beauties that have fallen to the ground.

I had more than enough, so today is THE day. The day I make apple crisp from my grandma Helen's recipe. It's such an easy recipe, even I can make it and it turns out delicious every time, no matter what I do.

It's starting to drizzle outside as the smell of apples and cinnamon float through the house.

Can you smell it from there? Miss you, Grandma.


  1. Oh my. That is just one of my favorite desserts in the Fall and Winter.
    How wonderful that you have an apple tree so you can go out and pick 'em... and make Apple Crisp. It's such a satisfying feeling.
    I'm sure that your Grandma was watching you and smiling.

  2. Jan, I've been away from your blog for a bit, just got caught up and am so inspired by your creativity! Love the skeleton under glass and happy to see you soldering! -Laura.

  3. Love the color of those apples. How nice you have your Grandma's recipes.