Sunday, June 24, 2012

Lessons In Art

I think I posted already about my Thursday night art class with Lorrie-Marie Jenkins. Now that I have a few seconds--let me show you what I've made so far!

The first project was called "Mind Full" and was a collage of pretty thoughts going on in one's head. Here is mine in it's first stage:

Then we students sewed the paper collage onto fabrics, added a frame and a few words to complete it.

It was great seeing everyone's different "take" on this project!

Next we started amassing the humble TP tube:

And began to assemble our thoughts, our images, paper and COLOR into a book with pull-out pages:

Adding embellishments and plenty of the magical properties of STABILO (my new fav word):

then finishing up with ribbons and twine until there was no more room for anything else:

And before we had a chance to catch our collective breath, Lorrie-Marie had us keeping the creative momentum going with this thick and glossy jumble of well-placed delights on Sheetrock:

Now we're all caught up to week four! Bring on the tea cans!

We played with foil and neat little things to add texture. Then paint, images and a waxed finish

pulled it all together.

I don't know what will be next in the last class, but I hope it'll have something to do with the fabric/paper transfer she showed us how to do:

I've also been working on some more of my beach glass jewelry and as soon as I can get in some more starfish, they'll be ready to go into my Etsy shop!

Lorrie Marie will be offering classes again in a few weeks so stayed tuned...

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  1. I love the beach glass for stones. It's really a different take other than stones..Love it!

  2. Wow! I don't even know where to begin. The collages are wonderful. The "humble" toilet paper tube was transformed (amazing) and the tea can is inspired. I would love to learn the technique on that can.
    The beach glass jewelry is lovely. I'm sure you will sell them all in your store. The little starfish is perfect.

  3. You have really been getting those crafts together. Looks like a great class.

  4. what an amazing job you have done on this bog! your photography and updates on the art work you have created is inspiring all by itself! you are a true joy to have in the class....thanks for being there! loving the jewelry are amazing!!!