Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Nautical Summer Banner

It's SUMMER! I started it by making a banner from Whisker Graphics Bitty Bags . I used the new striped bags in black, yellow, red & blue, and started by cutting the bottom of the bags in shapes inspired by nautical flags.

Next, I found a chart online that shows the nautical alphabet:

and used it as my decoder for what I wanted to spell out! I choose the word "SUMMER" and then cut up more Bitty Bags to form the colors and shapes I needed for each little square that would represent each letter of the word SUMMER.

I stamped the letter in black on each corresponding square for you landlubbers who can't read flags!

For the last step, I punched two holes at the top of each Bitty bag, and then strung one strand each of Lemon, Cherry & Aqua Divine Twine through each yo, hoe hole.

I'll be using mine for the summer display I set up on my buffet, but I thought it would be great hanging outside to welcome my guests to a Fourth Of July party, too! Run it up a flagpole and see who salutes!

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