Wednesday, January 9, 2008

A lot of things in my house are imperfect. Loved, but imperfect. A chip here, a dent there, maybe even a little stain turned to the back where you'll never see it. Such is the case with my bunny teapot. He used to be perfectly serviceable until he was knocked over by a Nerf Ball a few years ago and received a crack down the center. So even though he's no longer able to preside over a tea party, he is still of some he will help pick the winner of the flower lapel pin! Now he is standing guard over the names of the five contestants, and then he watches as I fold each up slip and place them inside his cracked tummy.

Then he carefully leans over and pours ever so slowly until one folded up piece falls into the heart-shaped teacup my mom got me for Christmas.......
And then as I open it up, I see the name you concur Mr. Bunny?

Congratulations! Thanks to all of you that played, and thanks to you, Mr. Bunny.


  1. Thanks Mr Bunny! And thank you, Jan! I can't wait to show off the lapel pin.
    (And my house is full of Mr Bunny equivalents, too. Boys are mighty hard on pretties.)

  2. Aww, that's so cute!Congrats to Elizabeth, she better not turn her back on it.

  3. congratulations to Elizabeth! I buy my Mr Bunny equivalents imperfect. Character I say, like me and my friends. I'm sure the lapel pin will be a winner. Marcia :-)