Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

Look what’s going to be great about ’08! It’s Sex and The City—The Movie!!! I so miss that show! Remember the shoes, the clothes, and the ladies who lunch? Did you ever take the quiz to find out what character you are most like? (Hmmm…is there a character that is middle age, menopausal, soon to be empty-nester with poor hearing and failing eyesight? THAT’s the one to which I’d be most able to relate! Oh, sorry, I’m thinking of a totally different show staring myself called Sweat and the Pity! ) .

Well, if you don’t remember, here’s a little something I’m giving away that might help you. In honor of SJP and her flouncing lapel flowers! Maybe they’ll come back in vogue when the movie hits the big screen? Well, if not, it’s still cute! And just in time for the most romantic month on the calendar. I’m planning on making a bunch of these lapel pins to sell at the shop ( for the January sale! Don't ask me what kind of fabric it is--I only know it's flouncy! It's about 3" across with a vintage button & leaf, and a little bit of rick-rack. Just leave me a comment with an email link. I will draw a name and announce a winner on Wednesday, January 9th. Good luck!


  1. That show sounds too much like a reality show, Sweat the the Pity.. Hilarious.

    Happy New Year Jan. See you at this month's open house!

  2. Happy New Year, Jan! Love the lapel pin!

  3. I just love the little pink house. And oh yes, I'm one of those inspirational people put in your path and I might add, you were put in mine! I love your new blog site and the lapel pin. Can't wait to see them. I'll be visiting often. You are so cleaver. Marcia :-) AKA ladymarcia

  4. Those lapel pins are so cute! heres my e-mail.

  5. I so enjoy your blog. Isn't it wonderful to be "working" doing what you love. Your lapel pins are marv, just like you.
    Happy New Year. We've gotta do lunch.

  6. Ok, Jan. You may be menopausal but you have GREAT hair!!
    Your blog looks great, Karyn loved your little pink house that you made and your kitty pic. Can you make a little house for her?
    See you at the ROOM!