Saturday, January 19, 2008

Cherry-O, Happy Shoes & Cat Headstands

It's been so cold here in Northern California that

1. It's hard to get motivated to go outside & crack open a can of paint
2. It takes FOREVER for paint to dry
3. I whine a lot about it

But with a vision in mind, a cold but sunny day, long underwear, and a mug of hot chocolate, things get done. A plain little set of kid's furniture was squealing for a make-over, starting with a robin's egg blue base. After applying the big-enough-to-pluck-'em cherry fabric, I went over it with two coats of polyurethane to make it more durable, and somewhat washable. Then I added the jumbo rick-rack around the table top edge and the chair slats. It's for sale in the shop right now, since this is our open weekend, just waiting for two little buns to warm it up. I don't know what it is about small furniture that makes me so happy.

But I do know what it is about these new clogs I just got on Ebay that makes me so happy! They're so bright and cheerful and paisley and PINK! They make me want to march right up to Spring, kick it in the shins and say "Hey! Hurry up, already!"

Here's how my Russ Russ spent his happy morning in the sun...


  1. The cherry set is darling! The shoes are amazing. Had fun today!

  2. If you could wrap up your personality into words, it would be this blog. Cute, creative, talent, funny, sweet, it's all there! And yes, the table and chairs are darling up close. I'd be standing on my head too. M :-) Thrifty not Cheap.

  3. Those are some sweet clogs! But I must insist you send me that cool anthro pitcher immediately.

  4. I love the pic of Rusty! So cute and so typical! :) hee hee

    Love your clogs! I need to find me a pair too! :)

  5. Those are the most stinkin' cute clogs in the history of clogs.
    Love my new goodies, btw!

  6. Those clogs are YOU! Tooo cute!

  7. I am so glad to visit you....I agree with the cold (don't let our northen states friends read this, they laugh at us California girls)

    Thanks for visiting and leaving your name for my blog GIVE AWAY!

    xo Lidy

  8. Cute Shoes! You make painting sound so fun! I still have so many painting projects to do.....Wish I had your motivation! :)

    Glass beach was great! Couldn't find many neat pieces. Technically your not suppose to collect. I got a couple for keepsakes....but I did see 2 ladies with 2 buckets full of glass!! ;)