Monday, February 4, 2008

The House Is Always Pinker On The Other Side Of The Fence

Some of my blog readers have asked that I host a tour of my Little Pink House pictured on my banner, where the skies are always blue, and the grass is always green. So, if you’ll follow me up the walk (I did these cobblestones by hand!), I’ll give you a closer look. I do wish I had some lemonade and cookies to offer you, but I wasn’t sure how many of you would be stopping by. Please watch your step…

Let’s stop here at the front door, so I can tell you that the cottage was built just last year, but my little family already feels very much at home here. I did all the construction myself, and even though some of the walls aren’t exactly plumb, it suits me just fine. A friend gave us the plans, which were based on a centuries-old house. She and some of her friends built the same exact model for themselves, too!

It has a very open floor plan, and the footprint makes good use of the small lot size, which is located on a pleasantly rounded berm. We spend many happy hours rolling down the grassy hill, and discovered we needed to build a popsicle-stick fence at the bottom to keep us from falling out of the yard. I do wish it had a chimney, but that can be added on later, I suppose. With a square footage of about .04, it’s very easy to hold a cozy conversation inside from one end of the house to the other. Turning your attention here to the garden… it’s planted with pink Acacia twigs, moss and year-round blooms. We already have a pair of bluebirds who have made a nest in one of the trees, and always have a few eggs to tend! Construction took about 8 hours, and as soon as the two shades of pink were dry, we moved right in! It’s eternally spring here, and when it sprinkles; everything sparkles with glitter.

I’m sorry I can’t show you the inside; I don’t think we’d all fit! I hope you’ll come back to my little house soon—where the lemonade is always pink and for a little while, even your problems can become very minute.


  1. Oh how I love that little pink house! I've always wanted to live in a pink cottage with a picket fence...and you do! Lucky (and talented!) you!
    Pink lemonade!

  2. AHHHH!! Fabbbbulous!! I could just melt!! just so so lovely!! I adore your lil pink house!! : )

    So happy to have found your blog!!

    I'll be visiting often!
    xoxo Jenny

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    Best Wishes!
    xoxo Jenny

  3. I absolutely adore your little pink house. It's fabu!!!!

    Please stop by and see my "Pink Fairy Cottage".

    Have a wonderful pink day.


  4. I have been reading your fabulous blog and oooooh I feel all pink and bubbly :) Just love what I've seen so far hope to get through it all some day I am now a follower, I never want to loose this yummy spot! Have you ever participated in pink Saturday? hmmm I think you'd be right at home! Have a great day!