Thursday, February 7, 2008

A Hearty Dose

I just finished my second project from Winter Bella (by Teresa McFayden). It’s actually the last project that was presented in the e-zine: the Valentine banner. Even my husband said it was cute! I hung it on a fancy mirror above some of my vintage valentines placed in jars, and decorations. The vintage pop-up coach of folded red and white crepe paper is like the ones my mom set up at our childhood birthday parties and then (clutch your heart and gasp) threw away along with the sticky, licked-clean cupcake wrappers! The Winter Bella is over now, but there still may be time to subscribe to the Sweet Bella series (which I did!). It’s my new self-medicating, tri-weekly dose of euphoria. There are tons of designs to try every Monday, Wednesday and Friday, with equally beautiful pictures and downloads! It’s like a Christmas morning of eye-popping ideas three times a week!

(Notice I said it’s my second project? The first one is a gift for someone whose birthday is yet to come, but I can’t resist giving you this little peek!).

But….. I have to tear myself away from this fantastic smorgasbord of eye-candy, and get my goods together for this Sunday’s (Feb 10) “Heartland Danville-Antiques and Art Faire” at 125 Railroad Ave Danville, CA from 9AM – 3 PM. Marcia, owner of Cottage Jewel has been working her already slim fingers to the bone to help put this first-annual event together. Audrey and I are taking a vintage sampling of items from the shop to participate along with 40+ other craftspersons, stores and dealers. It’ll also be a great opportunity to shop for things “made from the heart” for Valentine’s Day. If you go, please look for the sign with our pink & black logo, and stop by our booth to say “Hello”! Hope you can make it!

And here is my sweet little parting gift to you-- the Cryptogram web site may sound more like a Halloween trick, but it's guaranteed to satisfy your virtual sweet tooth with fun! You can write anything on a virtual candy heart, and then save it to your computer, like I did on my Valentine blog banner! Schweeettt, no?


  1. Wow, what a great idea. Thank you so much. I just made one. Such Fun!!!

    Love your art.

  2. Okay Deary, where do you find the time for all this wonderful stuff??? I love it. Sooo cute. I didn't know about the faire this weekend so I'm glad I read your newest blog. I'll make the time to come see you! Marcia :-)

  3. Just found your blog through your website. I was by your booth yesterday (my daughter bought some sheet music) and now that I know where your located I'll have to visit very soon. Cheers.